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Mar 29, 2017

In this episode we are chatting with Natalie Ard, creator, author, and illustrator of The Christmas Star From Afar® and The Easter Story Egg, about how to create intentional family celebrations and experiences without getting bogged down by stress, overwhelm and perfectionism that can cause us to miss out on the sweet moments in life.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by trying to live a “Pinterest” life or felt like a total failure at creating special moments with your family, this one’s for you. So, go grab a cup of coffee or tea, get cozy and enjoy!

This episode has been sponsored by The Easter Story Egga family tradition activity that celebrates the true meaning of Easter.

The Easter Story Egg includes a hardcover book and 7 wooden nesting eggs which are used to help children discover the Easter story and the journey of Jesus through Holy Week.

To learn more about the Easter Story Egg and purchase your own, click here.

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